采访Pantelis Kodogiannis,一线男主角

你好人,欢迎来到一个与众不同的面试!这一次,我有一位来自神奇电影世界的特别嘉宾!坐在我对面的热椅子上的潘泰利斯·科德吉安尼斯让我感到非常兴奋。每个关注Effrosyni博客的人,知道的我写的关于归还帕台农大理石雕像的文章-一项非常接近我内心的事业。今年早些时候,我有幸观看了电影《第一行》(希腊语标题:Promakhos),潘泰利斯·科多吉亚尼斯(Pantelis Kodogiannis)的激情表演令我惊叹不已。在电影中,他扮演的律师在法庭上为这项伟大的事业而战(一个虚构的场景,当然)。因为机缘巧合,潘泰利斯读了我写的关于大理石的文章,并在Facebook上加了我为好友。我很高兴能认识这个角色背后的真正的男人,我不得不邀请他来这里聊天。我希望你会喜欢在洛杉矶见到这个充满激情的希腊人我有多少就有多少!


你好Effrosyni !很高兴来到这里!


The job of every actor is to perform with passion.  An actor's passion for acting connects him to the passions of the character that he is portraying.  In Promakhos (The First Line),我和Andreas有很多共同点,the lead character of the film.  Like Andreas,I am a Greek who deeply desires to see the Parthenon Marbles repatriated to Greece and the Greek people.  Additionally,喜欢我的性格,I am an attorney (I was a practicing attorney in New York for a large law firm before becoming an actor).  Andreas exhibits his desire for the return of the Parthenon Marbles and approaches the law in a manner that is very different from me as he is overly confident and in some ways arrogant;尽管如此,我们对这一事业的承诺是坚不可摧的,热情的和有效的。


Panos Golfis摄影


拍摄暴乱现场是相当匆忙的,因为我们知道我们所做的没有,至少就我们所知,ever been done before (meaning shooting a film during a real riot).  The production team was outstanding in making certain that everyone was safe and secure;然而,如果我说这没有压力,那就是在撒谎,因为我们不知道拍摄过程中会发生什么。我们不知道当局或暴乱者是否会阻止我们,安全是一个大问题。在电影的一个开场场景中例如,当我走在暴徒和警察队伍之间时,a rioter throws a large piece of marble at the shielded policemen.  It came pretty close to hitting me instead.


是的…另外,在同样的场景中,一些暴乱者认为我是一个政客。and our assistant director (Maria Lainas) overheard them plotting to throw something directly at me.  Luckily,she explained to them what we were doing.  Interestingly enough,他们对这部电影很感兴趣,we invited them to take part in another scene in the film.  Appropriately,they "fought" head to head with riot policeman in the scene (and the only scene depicting a riot that was staged).  I enjoyed talking with them a lot and hearing their perspective,挫折,最初促使他们参与暴乱的失望情绪。

I must admit that shooting scenes among the riots in Athens also caused me much pain.  Seeing rioters and police clash,雅典的中心被摧毁,历史建筑被烧毁,到处都是涂鸦,是令人不安的,Effrosyni.  All I kept wondering,是“我们是怎么来到这里的?”我们如何才能结束所有这些挫折,疼痛,痛苦,破坏,暴力?”


The crisis in Greece is gut-wrenching and heartbreaking.  Greece and her people have endured great hardship since the beginning of the crisis.  The most disappointing thing for me is that Greece and her people have so much untapped potential.  I lament the fact that this potential has not been seized upon,利用,培养,发展。


Panos Golfis摄影


至于政治局势,I am not optimistic to be quite honest.  Too many elections,political upheaval/unrest and not enough action in my humble opinion.  I hope this will change.  Many Greeks I speak to tell me that politicians in Greece have destroyed Greece.  My answer to them is that politicians are a reflection of the electorate that votes for them.  This goes to one of the deeper messages of Promakhos (The First Line) in which we use the words Thucydides (Pericles' Funeral Oration to be exact): "Make [Athena] your goddess and lover."  To me,修昔底德(伯里克利)对雅典人说:“尊敬雅典(以及希腊,因为雅典是希腊的灵魂),采取负责任的行动,civically和高贵,消灭腐败,选出负责任和有公民意识的政治家,让民选官员负起责任,当我们希腊人开始用这些话生活,崇拜和热爱雅典娜,她的土地,她的人,然后我们将开始再次繁荣。就像修昔底德时代,今天的希腊人需要靠这些话来生活。


我认为解决任何问题的第一步都是发现并认识到问题的存在。Greece's entry into the EU and the common currency brought considerable prosperity and security to the country and its citizens.  However,每一个人,政治家和公民一样,从另一个角度看,并没有解决希腊内部的系统性和地方性问题,即。腐败,逃税,臃肿的政府部门,腐败和迟钝的司法系统。虽然日子很好,everyone turned a blind eye to these issues.  I am hoping the crisis will serve as a wake-up call to all Greeks.  Greeks must change,transform and rebuild.  Rather than looking at it as a negative I hope that Greeks rise to the challenge and see the great opportunity that lies before them to rise and rebuild.




Panos Golfis摄影


我在洛杉矶的剧院演过很多戏,拍过一些商业广告,short and feature films.  Promakhos (The First Line) was my first major role in a feature film.目前,I have several projects in pre-production.  In early spring of 2016,我将再次登上洛杉矶的舞台;filming for my next film is due to begin this summer.  As both projects have not been officially announced,不幸的是,我现在不能和你分享更多。


Being Greek is a state of mind in my opinion.  It does not matter where you live or happen to be.  I feel Greek wherever I am.  My soul is Greek.  I always think about  the words of Melina Mercouri who,在一次面试中,当被问到她的缺点是什么时,simply responded "My country."  I understand that sentiment entirely.  Perhaps because she was forced to leave Greece and live in exile.  When you are away from Greece,you always yearn for it.  Even if you are not in it,it is always inside of you.  Greece is my weakness too.我的爱。My everything.  I cannot imagine that ever changing.


There is a sizable Greek community in Los Angeles.  As with other Greek communities around the world,it primarily centers around the Church.  Unlike many other Greek communities,the one in LA does not have a distinct neighborhood or area (such as Astoria in NYC or Bayswater in London).  Like LA itself,the Greek community is really spread out.  As such,希腊人的生活以教会举办的活动为中心,希腊领事馆,朋友,的家庭,等等。可悲的是,there is no place where Greeks regularly congregate where you know you will definitely run into fellow Hellenes.  That being said,我经常和我的希腊朋友见面,我们经常见面。


是的,my immediate family has repatriated to Greece and they live in Chios.  I have extended family in the US,希腊(希俄斯岛,当然,还有雅典)和澳大利亚。


我慢跑,游泳,take acting classes when I am not doing theatre or film work.  I enjoy cooking.  I like to spend time with friends and go to the beach.  I am definitely a water person.


cinephile,I like all kinds of movies.  That being said,I definitely prefer dramas.  It's difficult to chose three but I will tell you that three of my favorite movies from the last ten years would be "A King's Speech," "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" and "Tinker,尾随者,士兵,间谍。”

The performances by Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush in A King's Speech were truly remarkable.  Their chemistry was just spot on.  I really like the message of the story – overcoming personal hardship and adversity through trust and friendship.  You see the this mutual appreciation and bond develop between theses two characters as the movie unfolds.非常鼓舞人心的。

《潜水钟》和《蝴蝶》让人大开眼界,因为它讲述了一个男人拥有了他一生中想要的一切:辉煌的事业,名声,财富,孩子,爱,等等,that comes to an abrupt end.  It's message about appreciation,不要想当然,享受当下,充实生活,这些都是我一直在思考的事情。

我真的很喜欢修补匠,裁缝,士兵,Spy because of the writing and character development.  Gary Oldman,科林·费斯,汤姆•哈迪本尼迪克特康伯巴奇,等。all delivered excellent performances.  I really enjoy movies that are dialogue and character-driven.  The Cold War/spy twist was intriguing.I enjoy watching the film several times to pick up on the clues weaved throughout the script that is supposed to aid the viewer in identifying who the spy is.  Sadly,我第一次猜错了。


I am most definitely a reader.  I like most genres and read a wide array of books.  For instance,this past summer I read Andre Agassi's autobiography "Open."  I am currently reading Hierocles' Commentaries on the Golden Verses by Pythagoras.  As for favorite authors,我可以说我读过米兰昆德拉的几本书,Gabriel Garcia Marquez和Nikos Kazantzakis。


我当然会尝试去锻炼,尽我所能去忍受(笑)就像我之前说的,I jog/swim roughly 3-4 times a week.  I'm pretty vigilant with what I eat as well.  Thanks to my Greek upbringing,I enjoy eating a lot of legumes.  Moreover,I try to cook and avoid eating out as much as I can when I am home in Los Angeles.  It makes eating healthier much easier.



爱最后一个。相信我,在那里,做了,买了一件印有“Rosa Moschaudi”的t恤!当我住在英国的时候,很多人叫我(笑)说出你在希腊最喜欢的三种美食。我的是任何形式或组合的索瓦拉基。你吗?

作为一个骄傲的中国,首先,也是最重要的,would be masticha (if that counts as a delicacy).  Pasticcio and kopanisti would round out the top three.  There are at least 20-30 more though,I must admit.  Souvlaki is definitely in the top 10.




That life is not a dress rehearsal.  Do everything you want to do,你想说什么就说什么,feel everything you want to feel.  I lost my father at a relatively young age and did not get the chance to spend enough time with him,问他我应该问他什么,把我想说的话和应该说的话对他说一半。




Definitely an architect.  I love architecture.




我希望人们记住我是一个好父亲,的丈夫,的儿子,哥哥,叔叔,friend.  A respectful,只是,善良美丽的灵魂。












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Pantelis Kodogiannis出生于萨拉托加斯普林斯,NY.  He studied Political Science and Latin at Vassar College and received his J.D.from the University of California at Los Angeles.  He was a corporate lawyer on Wall Street for seven years before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film and television.  Pantelis attended the Beverly Hills Playhouse under the direction of Milton Katselas.他是好莱坞变节戏剧和电影集团的创始成员,加州,led by his mentor Frances Vennera.  He has performed in several plays,films and commercials.  Most recently,他在电影中扮演主角,第一行(Promakhos),在剧中,他饰演一名律师,起诉大英博物馆归还帕台农神庙大理石雕塑。

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  1. devourable面试!从赋予读者力量到温暖人心,它让读者的情感无所不包。谢谢你,来回,Pantelis !


    • 谢谢你的夸奖,玛丽亚。如果这是事实,那就不足为奇了。我一直认为每一篇好文章背后都有激情。潘泰利斯对大理石的归还有着强烈的愿望,他深爱着自己的国家——就像所有其他希腊人一样,当然——这些在他的回答中闪闪发光

  2. “我对他们的回答是,政客是选民投票给他们的反映”——希望每个希腊人都能读到这篇精彩的采访


    • 你的第一句话说对了,尼古拉斯!如果每个人的品格和思想过程都像潘泰利斯那样正直,希腊永远不会像现在这样失宠。我对你的第二个评论笑得很开心,哈哈