Book review: Unexpected Gifts by S.R.Mallery

Oh my.After finishing this book I feel like I've gone around the world.In a time capsule.Once again,玛莉以精湛的故事情节展现了她的才华,使历史得以生机勃勃。Soldiers fighting the Vietnam War,hippies in Woodstock,suffragettes,emigrants arriving on Ellis island and so much more come to life in this compelling family saga,making it a spell-binding treat you will never forget.

我现在已经读了所有的马利的书,我对她独特的天赋感到惊讶,让历史感觉就像今天发生的一样。她从淡出的历史事件和数字中,misty past and turns them into living,breathing things that she then,不知何故,projects in striking colors onto the mind of her readers.That is a truly magical talent to have and I urge you to sample it.


5 stars

Exhilarating storytelling that makes history come alive.

Do you enjoy historical fiction that make bygone eras come alive?美国家庭传奇怎么样?This could be your next favorite read!过来看!!



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