Hello!Other than the usual posts I issue on this blog about books and Greek stuff,我偶尔也会在这里为我的同事们分享一些奇怪的提示或资源。今天是这样的一个时刻,但是:我今天给你的,my fellow indies,is only what has GOT to be the biggest and best author event of 2018!!

这个INDIE AUTHOR SUPERBUNDLEis out there for grabs,它几乎包含$5,价值1000本书,courses,还有作者的优惠券。

它还包含服务!A FREE custom book cover design,亚马逊广告活动为你的书建立和运行了一个月,更免费的图书促销,还有更多。不是开玩笑。

And how much does the superbundle cost,我听到你说了吗??

Well,你不会相信的,但这是真的:只有一点捐款!$50 is the suggested figure here but,知道这对世界各地的作家来说有多困难,the organizers of the event will still grant access to the superbundle只要20美元!!

Best of all,whatever your donation,25% of it goes to Pencils of Promise,为加纳极度贫困的儿童建立学校的慈善机构,瓜地马拉和Laos。

This is TRULY a no-brainer,guys.捐款,give the gift of education to underprivileged children,给自己一份价值近5美元的礼物,000 today.

这个活动是由Givegrow提供给您的。 Click below to check out all the details!!



But hurry!The superbundle is only available till April 6!!


获取大量作者资源和服务,帮助非洲的孩子们!#indie #authors点击鸣叫


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Today,我又在为我的同事写博客了,to talk about mailing list services.我有一个为那些有自己网站的人提供绝妙的建议;it will give you total freedom and,机会是,为了维护你的邮件列表和发送新闻稿,你的花费要比现在少很多。betway手机网页

My experience with mailing list services in the past has been quite bad,我猜我不是唯一一个。So I hope this post helps and enlightens somehow.

过去,我试过mailchimp,Madmimi and Sendgrid.I have also researched a couple other solutions and finally realized that the best way to save money in mailing list services is to:


b)使用WordPress插件在我自己的网站上创建新闻稿,betway手机网页as opposed to using a third-party one.This provides total freedom from third-party policies.mailchimp会非常紧张,for instance,如果你在新闻稿中收到大量的退订信息。betway手机网页相信我,你不想让那些麻烦事成为来自mailchimp的压力邮件。

以上的认识使我在这个网站上使用了Wordpress插件mailpoet(去年),它被证明是一个很好的,easy-to-use piece of software.这是我的自动欢迎通讯的样本,betway手机网页and a run-of-the-mill betway手机网页newsletter too.单击或点击放大图像:

颜色和文本大小可调。你唯一不能做的就是在图像旁边加上文本。But,as you can see,它与图像下的文本很好地配合,and you can place them in 1,2 or even 3 columns.

像所有的邮件服务一样,MailPoet allows users to set up autoresponders,and actually offers two different types:

a)“欢迎邮件”,当一个新用户登录到一个列表时(以及在其他时间间隔内),它会自动发送出去。if you wish,注册后)

b) ‘Post Notifications'.现在,这太棒了。我使用它向我的博客追随者发送自动的帖子通知。As soon as I publish a new post,电子邮件发给他们;它包含一个简短的摘要,提示他们查看帖子。All I had to do was create a separate list on MailPoet for ‘blog followers' then a corresponding form to get new blog follows.I used to use the most basic (and unfathomable) Google Feedburner for my post notifications,but gone are those days.This autoresponder works like magic!!

The best news:

不管你的订户总数是多少,邮差的费用都是一样的!!Yes,that's right.不要再担心你的名单增长太快,买不起邮差之类的东西了。

One drawback only: If you use your own site to send out the betway手机网页newsletters,it's a certainty many of your emails will bounce or be marked as spam.I took this treacherous path for a few months and it caused nightmares I could very well draw from to write a techy horror novel 😛

所以,to use MailPoet effectively,为了享受它所承诺的自由和负担能力,你必须通过邮箱诗人本身或其他网站发送电子邮件。

I hear you…"Oh!Not for me then"……”Geez,I'm not tech-savvy"……”算了吧,I could never do all that."“

I'll have you know my reaction was the same initially,但这就是前面提到的“与其他作者合作”的地方!!

So here's what helped me and ended all my mail sending problems for good:


As a result,我的电子邮件停止跳动,另外,my annual costs for both services together are now only $160.That's less than $14 per month.


More good news for you:

我信任的朋友和我正在寻找更多的作者加入,这样每个人的成本可以进一步降低。都是合法的,of course.目前我们正在为mailpoet使用4站点许可证,但我们希望在将来采用更高的许可证计划,这意味着如果我们有足够的作者加入我们,成本将大大降低。你不必和别人打交道,除了我的作者朋友,谁会在你的网站上为你做设置。安装不额外收费,even though the software is very straightforward,他会很乐意帮助你解决你起初可能遇到的任何问题。

邮差和邮差一样容易……如果不容易的话。So basically,if you know how to use this,you'll be fine.为了我,他发现很难理解疯狂的米米米,不得不多次给他们发邮件来回答我关于这件事的问题……邮差变成了一件轻而易举的事,despite my initial reservations to try yet another new platform.Just like the case had been with Mailchimp,虽然,邮差诗人是不言自明的;I set up forms and welcome betway手机网页newsletters easily and went live in no time.

So how does that sound?If you're fed up with having to pay ridiculous amounts for your mail list,do drop me a line and I'll answer any further questions you may have.

As I stated earlier,if you decide to join my author friend and me,他会在你的网站上免费设置你。All part of being on the team.所以这里不需要技术知识。

这就是说,you will need to export your subscriber lists from your existing service (i.e.into CSV files),然后创建一个将它们导入到Mailpoet列表。如果你以前做过这个,对邮差来说也很容易。Self-explanatory stuff.

为了我,邮差是一个梦想成真。I hope you will discover it too!!



#author How much do you pay for your mailing list?#indieauthors #ASMSG点击鸣叫


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A report on KDP Rocket: How to rank high in Amazon searches

Are you an Amazon author?Struggling to find the right keywords that will enhance your book's visibility in Amazon searches or in your AMS campaigns?Well,我今天为你写了这篇文章,这是必须看到的!!

2017年我购买了KDP火箭,,a magical piece of software that helped me find keywords for my books that actually worked!KDP Rocket truly opened my eyes about what people type every month on Amazon by the thousands.这些关键词中的大多数我在一百万年内都没有猜到。

感谢KindlePreneur(Dave Chesson)和他的软件工程专家团队开发的这款应用程序,my books now come up in searches for many popular keywords in their niches – something I used to only dream about.

这也是你想要的书吗?Well,help's here.Today,我会带你去看看KDP火箭能为你做些什么。详细地说。You'll see all its fantastic search modules and then I'll let you decide how indispensable it is.

可以,I hear you…


KDP Rocket can find you the best keywords!!


Well,起初,它以前只对kdp书架中的7个关键字有帮助,但是,since a recent upgrade,it now provides a multitude of keywords for AMS Campaigns too with the click of a button.In seconds.

Plus,KDP Rocket helps you identify and research your competition too.

确切地说,KDP Rocket is your best companion for three different kinds of searches: keyword searches,竞争搜索,和AMS关键字搜索。应用程序的主屏幕清楚地反映了这一点:


假设你的书属于神秘类型。Let's type a relevant keyword like ‘mystery books' and see what happens.

KDP Rocket - Idea Searches screen

KDP Rocket – Idea Searches screen

哇!几秒钟后,kdp rocket为特定的关键字提供了丰富的细节,but also for similar ones that Amazon customers search for.



Number of Competitors显示有多少本书在亚马逊上排名某个关键字。好啊。Now let me tell you something really interesting: You would think that the higher the number of competitors the harder the competition would be,right?Yeah,I thought the same.然而,Dave Chesson tells me that this can't be further from the truth.Actually,这个数字太误导人了,戴夫甚至不认为它应该在应用程序中占有一席之地,但它的出现仅仅是因为他的测试人员更喜欢展示它。

所以,重要的不是竞争对手的数量,but how easy the keyword makes it to rank among the top 5.这对很多竞争对手来说很容易,用更少的钱来努力。所以,把这个号码记下来,i.e.,为你的信息,只是一个数量and don't let it daunt you.要了解什么是衡量关键词竞争力的实际指标,我指的是下面的“竞争得分”。

月平均收益显示为该关键字排名的所有书籍的总收入。This does not include paperback sales.它确实包括电子书销售和kenps,但与只有亚马逊知道的比率是多少。

Note: Dave is working on an awesome addition to this!今年晚些时候,kdp rocket将有一个用于电子书和平装书销售的拨动开关。这将允许用户翻转开关,以便分别查看电子书和平装书的销售收入!!

谷歌搜索&估计亚马逊搜索:kdp rocket让你知道在亚马逊和谷歌上每个月有多少人输入某个关键字。通过这种方式,你也能大致感受到流派/壁龛在大众中的流行。Nifty呵呵??

竞争得分:这是这个过程的本质,真正的果汁!A number above 70 means the competition is hard and the keyword should be avoided.低于35的数字表明竞争是容易的,你的书将有很好的机会在搜索排名高(如果你选择这个关键字在你的七个)。记得,‘Number of Competitors' does not matter – THIS does!!

Please note that Amazon doesn't allow the use of the word ‘kindle' in keywords for your bookshelf.kdp rocket列出了这个词的关键字,因为人们在搜索中使用它。But don't try to use these – Amazon will email you demanding that you remove the specific word.

While on the subject of keyword research: You will find that whether you use singular or plural form you will get the same results in your search.例如‘mystery book' vs ‘mystery books'.当你以任何方式改变单词的顺序时也是如此。For example ‘mystery books murder' and ‘murder mystery books' will produce the same results.

好啊。Back to the last image (inserting it again here for your convenience.)


搜索关键字时,所有的行都在右边开始说“分析”。and only mention part of the data.只有当你在一条线上点击“分析”时,它才会给你“月平均收入”和“竞争得分”。It also changes the word ‘Analyze' to ‘Check Competition' so you can follow with that step in your research.

正如你在上面的屏幕上看到的,《12-14岁男孩的神秘书》是一个值得深入研究的关键词。You probably wouldn't have guessed it without KDP Rocket,然而,人们每月要266次。与搜索此关键字相关的总收入高达6美元,719 and the competition is low – i.e.the Competitive Score is only 25.不用说,对于你选择的每一个关键词,相关性/诚实是关键,否则你会找麻烦的。所以在这里你不会选择这个关键词,no matter how precious,除非你的书是针对这个年龄段的。

As you probably realize by now,kdp rocket在你写下一本书之前的研究中也很有用。因此,您可以提前找到一个利基,它可以轻松击败竞争对手,同时具有较高的需求和巨大的收入可能性。用它来选择下一本书的标题/副标题,以获得同样的好处!!

回到我们的研究。Once you've found a keyword that looks good on KDP Rocket,下一步是点击相关行右侧的“检查竞争”。下一个屏幕将详细显示该关键字的畅销书和作者,他们的收入,their book covers,这些书有多旧,and even the categories the authors have chosen for them!!

为了保护作者的匿名性,我不会在竞争对手的屏幕上显示任何与上述神秘相关的关键词。如果你点击“检查比赛”,this is what the screen looks like for another,随机关键字:

KDP Rocket - Competition Searches screen

KDP Rocket – Competition Searches screen

关键字,正如我刚才解释的,书和作者不在上面显示,但你可以看到,among other things,the daily and monthly earnings of each competitor (book and author).如果你选择一条线,the book cover shows up below in the square where it says ‘Select a competitor to view more stats'.



此外,if you hit ‘Unleash the Categories' in that screen,kdp rocket向你展示了这本书在亚马逊上的排名。



So far,我们已经介绍了如何为您的KDP书架找到关键词(创意搜索),以及如何研究竞争对手(竞争对手搜索)。

是时候向您展示kdp rocket–AMS关键字搜索的最新添加了。



答案是,yes,你可以用它们,但是对于AMS活动,您可以使用并且应该使用,a lot more.

Let me explain: As you know,对于您可以在书架中使用的关键字类型,有几个限制。一方面,不允许提及其他书籍或作者。

亚马逊广告是一个完全不同的球类游戏。Here,mentioning the competition is a MUST if you want to stand a chance in the game.

Take a look at the below screen.请注意,我正在使用AMS关键字搜索选项卡。


kdp rocket-AMS关键字搜索屏幕

kdp rocket–AMS关键字搜索屏幕

看到了吗?Not only did I get relevant recommended keywords,但我也为这个关键词找到了竞争性书籍(和他们的作者)的名字。KDP Rocket获得了真正的畅销书,which means these are the books mostly requested during searches for this keyword.

所以…如果你在你的AMS活动中添加这些作者和书名作为关键词,you'll be in for much better chances of your ad getting some eyeballs and clicks.

KDP火箭的所有特性都易于使用。The app will save you hours of work with your Amazon Campaigns and even makes it easy to copy your keywords onto them.只需将数据从你的kdp rocket下载到一个csv文件中(见后面的文章)。

回到主屏幕。And as you can see it looks different now!!!Well,你不会相信刚刚发生的事。I was planning to publish this post today (having worked on it for a couple days) and,瞧,一个新的自动升级为KDP火箭来了!你可以在屏幕截图中找到新的添加内容——这就是全新的功能,Category Hunter,会告诉你:

  • Relevant and niche categories for your book

  • 亚马逊畅销书在今天这一类别中排名在1和20。

  • How many books you'd need to sell today to be the #1 bestseller (or #20) in that category

所有这些只需点击一个按钮。 Let me show you an example – back to ‘mystery books':

第一行告诉我们,要在这一类别中排名第一,你必须卖出1个,今天有697本书——不容易。To be in the top 20 though,106 books are enough,如果你在做一个KCD宣传,这可能很容易,例如。此屏幕还显示该类别中1(absr 54)和20(absr 1281)的absr(亚马逊畅销书排名)。


Oh!为了最大限度地促进你的研究,the columns are clickable.单击其中一个,您将得到按该列排序的数据。Click again on the same column so the numbers can be sorted the other way round (higher to lower numbers and vice versa).

上面的其他行显示的类别使排名更容易进入前20名,as you can see.在第三行,例如,KDP Rocket显示,它足以卖出143本书,在这一类别中达到今天的1。只有27次销售,你才能达到20岁,诸如此类。

I hope you will agree that this is an excellent tool to pick your categories with so you can hit the bestseller lists.Hitting #1 adds prestige to your new releases especially and helps immensely with sales,in my own experience.I'll also add that making your book a bestseller with the right category is easier to do when your book is priced $0.99,无论是在新版本或KCD促销活动期间。


Every screen on KDP Rocket has two buttons at the bottom:

出口:此选项将数据存储在csv文件中(用Excel打开)。Download and work with it at your leisure.

Video Tutorial: This option takes you to a webpage where you can learn the basics on how to use KDP Rocket.你还可以在YouTube上找到一些视频,里面有很棒的提示和案例研究。

Make sure to scroll all the way down for more hot tips!!!!

I hope this post gives you a good idea of what KDP Rocket can do.为了我,这是必不可少的。And in case you're unsure,let me say that I know how hard it is to find time to learn something new… But I'll tell you this: it took me less than half an hour to know my way around KDP Rocket since opening it the first time,我所要做的就是在前面提到的教程页面上看几段视频。很可能你甚至不需要这样做,虽然,这是因为这篇文章实际上在某种程度上起到了用户指南的作用。所以,if you've been following the information I've shared here,you're practically ready to use the app.



Dave and his crew keep working diligently on any minor bugs that come up.Every upgrade seems to make the software better and better,with new exciting features added to it every few months.

你是我吗想听听更多吗?Want to see an awesome introduction video on KDP Rocket??




kdp rocket为您节省了设置和监控AMS活动的时间,但这当然不是必须的。




This is so your search does not take under consideration your browsing history… If you access Amazon from your normal browser window (be it in Chrome or Firefox etc),chances are it will show your book in searches because you've been visiting your product page a lot,and not so much because its keywords are great.所以不要冒险,取得你可以信任的结果。

To open an incognito window in Google Chrome,点击屏幕右上角的三个点(见上图)。Then,go to Amazon,搜索你的关键词。如果你的书出来了,congrats!You can trust that result 100%.

注意:此文章包含附属链接,这意味着我从任何由此产生的KDP火箭销售中获得一小部分佣金。如果你发现这篇文章很有用并决定购买应用程序,please consider supporting me by using the link in this post to do so.这将允许我继续写博客,为独立社区服务。Thank you.




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Run your Amazon campaigns through BookAds


I don't know about you but the months of September-October always find me in a state of mild depression,主要是因为我一直觉得时间不多了,我甚至还没有开始我本该完成的项目。

Two are the projects I mind the most that I haven't been working on:


b)在头脑清醒后掌握AMS活动免费培训课程by the Kindlepreneur.

I had the best intentions to work on both this year but,悲哀地,生活挡住了路。

And here I am,十月中旬,having just issued a short story collection instead of a novel (because I felt compelled to offer some kind of new content to my readers this year the way I've been doing so far),现在是我写那本过期未还的新书的时候了。The other day,当一封电子邮件给我提供了一个很好的解决方案时,我很沮丧地想到,在可预见的未来,AMS的活动对我来说仍然是未知的领域。

邮件来自马特·斯通,又叫“巴克鞭打”,我介绍的一位非常成功的企业家in this post以及他的一些免费资源。

所以,anyway,马特刚开始了一个新网站,在那里他和他的同事,having mastered AMS campaigns,让作者有机会坐下来观看他们为他们举办的AMS活动!!

Being well informed about the giving nature and the high marketing skills of Matt Stone,为了我,报名参加这项服务的决定很简单。

注意:当作者注册此服务时,他们允许从他们的AMS活动仪表板访问广告,但不共享密码。The author only invites BookAds to become an ‘editor' for their AMS campaigns.这是从AMS仪表板完成的。In this case,来自BookADS的团队成员可以访问作者的AMS仪表盘,但只能访问——他们看不到KDP书架/报告,例如。

Just think of all the time this could save you in your daily work schedule… allowing you to write instead,或者做其他你真正喜欢或自信的营销。

查看广告and see what you think.From what it says on the site,他们的顾客赚的钱比他们花的钱还多。This could be the case for anyone whose book looks good on the product page (i.e.has the right average star rating,审查次数等)。

Since the site is new,Matt is offering this service at the low price of $49 per month for a limited time only,他一开始会招揽一些顾客。我希望你能成为他们中的一员。

Clarification: The monthly cost for you will be the $49 fee PLUS the charges you will receive from Amazon for the running of the campaign.The site mentions a recommended minimum daily budget of $10.即使一个简单的计算可能表明你正在考虑亚马逊每月300美元的成本,布赖恩·伯尼(BrianBerni)负责为Bookads的客户开展营销活动,他说,事实上,这一数字不会接近这个数字。When I asked about the total Amazon costs I'd be likely to pay,一开始我不愿意每月花费超过100美元,he gave me this answer (that put my mind at ease) and I quote it here verbatim to help you decide:

日常开支是一个平均数。你不太可能一天花那么多钱。事实上,almost impossible.That's because if I see you are (and not making a positive ROI),我会暂停那些花费你太多的活动。如果,on the other hand,you're spending more than 10$/day but making 20,I'm sure you'll agree that's a different story 🙂

The budgets you see in the campaigns are an absolute maximum the ads can reach,之后他们会切断电源。如上所述,这永远不会发生。I've done hundreds (if not thousands) of campaigns,我从来没有见过一个广告通过它的全部日常预算。Especially since we typically bid very low.

The amount you see for those 2-3 campaigns (100$) is the minimum required by Amazon for that type of ad (Product Display).上述情况同样适用。I've never seen any ad even get close to that.Some ads spend around 20$ in their ENTIRE lifetime (6 months).


应用程序很快,屏幕可以轻松地完成3个步骤:首先,you set up the monthly payment via Paypal or whatever,然后你会被转移到一个快速的视频中,它向你展示了如何邀请Bookads作为你的AMS仪表盘的编辑,最后,在同一屏幕上降低,你在报名表上填上你想推广的那本书的详细资料。完成。And you can cancel the service at any time.

Note: The above link to BookAds contains an affiliate link,which means if you sign up for this service I will earn a little commission.这不会影响你支付的费用。如果您使用我的链接注册,请提前感谢!!

在我的书里,time is precious… and all indie authors suffer from not having enough of it.为了我,把任务委托给比我更熟练的人是一个巨大的节省时间的方法,也是任何一个值得他付出努力的企业家的实践(亨利·福特和托马斯·爱迪生都会在这里闪现)。我在写这些台词的时候很兴奋,thinking that by putting my trust in someone more skilled than me I can save precious hours of my time AND be in for a chance to make more money than I did before.

Here's到广告的链接又一次……我现在要动身写小说了……谢谢你,Matt Stone!!


You don't have to use AMS campaigns,毕竟!作者作者asmsg点击鸣叫


对于我们的新闻,“抢”爱的层面for FREE,,betway手机网页!!计划访问希腊?看看我们的!For delicious Greek recipes,gohere.你是作家吗?Check out our FREE promo tips & resources.

作者,participate in a huge event and get paid!!

今天我很高兴地向大家介绍我参加的一个大型活动,有史以来第一次,expecting to be paid for my time and trouble.你,什么?我听到你说。你看,这不是一般的作者活动。就像你在我最近的帖子里听到的那样免费的作者资源和成功的新心态(and if you haven't,I strongly recommend you check it out),I have recently got into affiliate marketing.我做了这个决定,作为我计划的一部分,从现在开始,以一种专注的方式发展我的新兴(和挣扎)业务。当我很高兴尝试这个新的角度时,我觉得有必要写信告诉你所有的事情。我很兴奋,因为:

a)用新的收入来源拓展我的业务,只需很少的工作,这感觉像是一笔奖金,whether it trickles or flows for a while!!

b)我已经跟踪这个事件的幕后主使近一年了——那是马特·斯通(又名巴克·弗洛格),我相信他。I know he knows his onions.The fact he earns 6 figures per month is a proof of that,if anything.他过去的活动是巨大的成功,所以我知道这一次也会成功。当他邀请我去时,我决定和他联合起来,这既是一种荣誉,也是一种不假思索的决定。

Matt Stone is the mastermind behind BuckBooks,ArchangelInk,数字自由学院和许多其他成功的网站,包括我最近注册的一个附属公司,哪个是QuitN6(6个月后辞职)。该网站致力于向在线创业者传授他们所需的一切知识,以便他们能够从头开始建立业务,然后增加他们的邮件列表,这样他们就可以开始挣一些可观的美元了。But don't let the sound of $$$ set off any scammer alerts in your head.I can assure you that Matt's methods involve nothing but hard work and dedication,以及帮助他人成功的强烈愿望。

但我离题了。回到具体事件。正如你所看到的,这涉及到免费赠品。This is the incentive for the online entrepreneurs (authors included,当然!) to sign up to Matt's mailing list.

Matt has got an army of dedicated affiliates ready to spread the word about the book.

So what is the incentive for me to sign up as an affiliate too,我听到你说了吗??


Matt will pitch a paid product to the new subscribers in July,而且每个附属公司都会因为他们带到登录页面的人所做的购买而获得佣金。每个分支带来的流量将被自动跟踪。

正如我所说的,这对我来说是新的,我很兴奋。看到我的邮件列表上没有很多企业家,但大多是小说读者,我不能通过我的时事通讯发表关于这件事的声明。betway手机网页So instead,在活动开始之前,我会把它写在这里,然后在推特上发布活动的曙光,让企业家们在活动开始的四天内(6月26日至29日)注册。这就是我要做的。然后我会坐下来等七月,希望我能得到一笔很好的小钱,否则我是赚不到的。

事实是:一次又一次,I have been working my butt off doing promo for days,我的投资回报率是负的。这让我每次都觉得很沮丧。但这次不行。Even if a single $ comes in for half an hour's work to join forces with an entrepreneur as phenomenal as Matt Stone I'll be sitting pretty.

So there you go.这意味着零成本,半小时的工作,if that,你会有机会赢得贝宝现金而不涉及任何风险。我相信你会同意这是一个不需要大脑的人。

考虑这篇文章,我诚挚地邀请你今天注册成为会员.Added bonus: As an affiliate,你可以直接发邮件给作者,并得到一本书的副本,为你自己的阅读乐趣!!

If you choose not to go down the affiliate marketing route,你还可以拿到免费赠品。我读过,里面有宝石,尤其是接近尾声!To get your copy,只要在活动现场注册Matt的邮件列表。

我将在不久的将来写一篇关于它的博客,所以这将是对你的一个提醒。看,I got you covered either way 😉

然而,if you have a strong point to use to your advantage,我希望你会选择作为附属公司参与.当我说“强项”时,我的意思是这两件事中的一件或两件:





注册后,您将收到关联仪表板和登录详细信息的链接。当你到达仪表板时,确保将标签更改为免费IBI图书。此页面将显示特定事件的关联链接。一个是你要推广的登陆页面,the other is to refer other affiliates to the event (the way I am doing now to spread the word!)这两个链接对每个人都是独一无二的,正如你所认识到的,so make sure to use your own and not mine,otherwise you'll be giving me your precious commission and that won't do 😉

在我走之前:如果你是个作家,你可能只想为独立用户注册我的邮件列表,, 每次我为作者发表一篇文章,我都会把它通过电子邮件发送到这个列表。There are other benefits to sign up and you can find out all the details on the same page.Believe me,你不想错过什么!!



作者,participate in a huge event and get paid!作者asmsg营销点击鸣叫


计划访问希腊?看看我们的!For delicious Greek recipes,gohere. 对于我们的新闻,免费书籍和独家赠品betway手机网页!免费试用Effrosyni的作品betway必威官网登陆官方网!你是作家吗?Check out our FREE promo tips & resources.


FREE author resources and a new mindset for success

今天我很高兴能为那些能让你头晕目眩的作者们分享精彩的免费资源!在过去的四个月里,thanks to a pretty nasty frozen shoulder I have had no choice but to say goodbye to my hectic 10-hour work days.因为我不能用双手打字,写一本书是不可能的,任何形式的写作都很难,所以我决定把时间花在我的电脑上,而不是自学。

自二月以来,I've done a couple of courses,watched several educational videos,读了一堆创业书籍和男孩,has the journey been fantastic!!

Some of them are FREE on the internet for everybody (seek and you shall find!) and others have been made available to me via my subscriptions to数字自由学院QuitN6,这两个聪明的企业家马特·斯通(更多关于马特,稍后)

I (virtually) stand before you today feeling like a brand new person,获得了一种新的心态,真正地打开了我的眼睛。自从成为独立派以来,我第一次后退了几步,这让我能够清醒地看到全局。And once you've done that,you get to see beyond the daily strife in front of the blinking screen as you plan your next FREE/KCD promo or write your next blog post – as if  promoting on Amazon and blogging are the best ways to get people to buy your books.Yeah,right.

别误会我。我喜欢写博客,我也能看到它的优点。But thanks to the online resources I've been blessed to come across,我现在看到有更容易和更有利可图的方式使它作为一个作家。


The FREE book,,Reader Magnets,尼克·斯蒂芬森是一位了不起的企业家,他受到一位作家朋友的高度推荐。I can vouch for the fact that it has wonderful,对印度的新建议,但这里的宝石是你作为订户将收到的电子邮件,其中包含尼克的免费4视频课程的链接。This courseinvolves groundbreaking stuff that will blow your mind!!

Start by downloading the FREE book,读者磁铁在尼克·斯蒂芬森的网站上,,你的前10个,000读者


Nick's course is all about the big picture I mentioned earlier.It will show you that your mailing list is more important than all the blogposts and Amazon promos you've ever done put together.听了尼克·斯蒂芬森的故事,他的突破,易于理解的建议,这对我来说真的很有意义。

But that's not all for today.以下是自2月份以来令我惊叹的更多免费资源,我强烈建议您查看:

不要被一般的标题愚弄。ThisFREE book seriesby the awesome Buck Flogging does apply to authors and it will help you spread your wings.I promise it will give you such a big picture you won't know where you're at for a while but it's overwhelming and really powerful a feeling,and it will make your mind whirl like a spinning top!!

我还建议你在完成尼克·斯蒂芬森的课程后阅读巴克的免费书籍。Those rusty old cogs in your mind will have started turning by then so you'll reap the full benefit of Buck Flogging's advice in these books.哦。And in case you're mystified by the weirdness of the name ‘Buck Flogging',交换单词的第一个字母,至少你能猜到Buck对写博客的感觉。化名背后的真实人物是巴克图书公司的马特·斯通,ArchangelInk and many other successful sites.Matt is an awesome entrepreneur like no other that you'll do well to give your full attention to.

一句警告:马特·斯通是一个真正的情人,但巴克·弗洛格(他的另一个自我)不是一个好孩子。除了虚荣到把“N”放在水仙身上之外,he also loves sexual innuendoes and generally loves mentioning private body parts.就个人而言,我把光滑与粗糙(巴克,如果你在听,please don't turn this last statement into another of your sexy jokes!)


Here's one more gem for you!I mentioned earlier that growing your mailing list is more profitable than blogging.猜猜还有什么?正在运行AMS活动!Dave Chesson has made a免费课程关于这一主题,它将提供丰富的信息,并将为您提供自年以来最精彩的时刻。”The Sun Always Shines on TV"(对不起,我是乐队的超级粉丝,忍不住开了一个愚蠢的玩笑!) Check our Dave's course in detailHERE

As I stated earlier,I've been reading a lot online… but the three aforementioned resources are by far the best,hence feeling compelled to share.你自己冒险错过他们!!

在我走之前:如果你是个作家,你可能只想为独立用户注册我的邮件列表,, 每次我为作者发表一篇文章,我都会把它通过电子邮件发送到这个列表。There are other benefits to sign up and you can find out all the details on the same page.Believe me,你不想错过什么!!

Note: This post contains affiliate links.This means I will earn a little commission if you make any purchases on the sites of the featured entrepreneurs.This won't make a difference to the cost for you should you choose to make a purchase.


免费的作者资源和新的成功心态asmsg ian1点击鸣叫


计划访问希腊?看看我们的!For delicious Greek recipes,gohere. 对于我们的新闻,免费书籍和独家赠品betway手机网页!免费试用Effrosyni的作品betway必威官网登陆官方网!你是作家吗?Check out our FREE promo tips & resources.



戴夫为作家们创造了一个很棒的工具KDP火箭这对我的关键词研究产生了奇迹,显著提高我的书在亚马逊搜索中的可见性。现在,Dave has gone and done it again by creating a 100%免费在线课程在这里,他向作者展示了一个逐步掌握AMS活动的指南!!

Any indie author worth his salt knows that AMS campaigns are currently the best way to increase book sales on Amazon.但是,如果你和我一样,你会一次又一次地试图通过这些活动赚钱,但都无济于事。“Yeah,为什么会这样?“我听到你说。

This is simply because the hidden knowledge bestselling authors have been applying to make money on Amazon have been evading the rest of us.

Well,that was then… and this is NOW!!

上周我参加了戴夫的免费课程,花了我2-3个小时,但别让这让你失望!我毫不费力地做到了,在我自己的时代,as the course allows you to stop and pick up another time from where you've left off.

本课程假设你是一个绝对的初学者,所以它从第一方格开始解释AMS活动以及如何设置它们。Even if you feel you could start at a later point,I strongly advise you don't skip the early parts.我在那里发现了一两颗智慧之珠!!

免费课程包括提到戴夫的应用程序,,KDP火箭,简单地说,因为它是亚马逊关键词研究不可或缺的工具中的阿尔法和欧米伽,在kdp上每本书有7个关键词,and now also for keyword research for your AMS campaigns.戴夫最近才在KDP火箭上添加了AMS战役组件。


您不需要KDP Rocket来应用Dave的智慧之珠,并通过AMS活动增加您的销售额,然而,using KDP Rocket WILL save you hours and hours of time.这个应用程序可以并且将在几分钟内为你的书生成数百个合适的关键词,包括与你相似的畅销书的书名!!

“But… it's not allowed to use other authors' names and books,“有些人可能会说。Well,您知道AMS活动中适用的规则与KDP中的规则不同吗?And yes,it is allowed and advisable to use the competition as keywords in your AMS campaigns!!

戴夫建议从最能描述你的书的5-7个基本关键词开始。They must be popular but not too competitive.

From there,有了免费课程,你就可以扩展你的关键字列表,为你的AMS活动寻找更多的可以吸引合适的读者到你的产品页面。本课程将告诉你去亚马逊的确切地点,以获得它们!!

我希望你能看看戴夫的免费课程给予它应有的关注!有了它,我相信你会亲身体验我在拍摄过程中所经历的所有惊喜和快乐。June is a hectic month for me but as soon as things calm down I will apply the knowledge I gained and share my experience here.我还将在第一时间将kdp rocket的特性写在一个单独的帖子上。

在我走之前:如果你是个作家,你可能只想注册我的邮件列表,从今以后,每次我写小费的时候,我都会把它通过电子邮件发送到这个列表。There are other benefits to sign up and you can find out all the details on the same page.Believe me,你不想错过什么!!

If you haven't already,check out Dave Chesson's awesome FREE course now!!


Note: This post contains my affiliate link with Dave Chesson's site.这意味着如果你在那里买东西,我会得到一点佣金。但这对你的成本没有影响。




计划访问希腊?看看我们的!For delicious Greek recipes,gohere. 对于我们的新闻,免费书籍和独家赠品betway手机网页!免费试用Effrosyni的作品betway必威官网登陆官方网!你是作家吗?Check out our FREE promo tips & resources.


First of all,澄清:当我说“网络钓鱼网站”时,I do not mean pirates.网络钓鱼网站没有你的书,but pretend to have it.They are scammers of the worst kind.They scan the Internet finding products that seem popular,then pretend to make them available on their site,cheating people out of their email addresses and credit card details.

Today,I am here to give you a cool and simple way to fight back,不仅仅是为了你自己,but for the good of the indie community as a whole.

We've all been there,right?我不知道我在世界各地的网站上“列出”过多少次我的书(经常是,原产于中国或俄罗斯。虽然我以前什么都不做,感谢伟大的作家和朋友,Amy Vansant他也是一个很棒的电脑天才,我现在知道如何反击了。这些天,pages that I find listing my book without my permission disappear from existence in just a couple of days.我甚至不需要为谁而烦恼,也不需要发送DMCA通知!!

(如果我刚才说的话听起来像高级希腊语,不要害怕:去this excellent post 尼古拉斯·罗西斯,他解释了所有关于谁和DMCA注意的事情。)

现在,as I said,my way to get rid of scammers listing books doesn't bother with any of that.But before I show you how to deliver to them that well deserved virtual punch on the nose,我将很快告诉你如何在第一时间找到骗子-假设你是一个新手,你不知道如何。

Every author needs to set up some kind of alert for their own author name and the titles of their books on the Internet,所以当他们在网上被提到时,他们会收到一封很好的电子邮件通知。Sometimes the notifications you get are good news!当一个博客评论你的书却不让你知道的时候,例如。或者当他们通常提到你的工作或者指向你自己博客上的博客作者时。这让你有机会评论和分享说谢谢!!

当通知是坏消息时,意思是关于海盗或网络钓鱼网站,you can choose to either ignore it or do something about it.

不管怎样,you need the notifications to hit your mailbox first and I recommend these to make it happen:

谷歌快讯 是免费的。非常充分。Set it up in a couple of minutes by quoting your own author name and the titles of your books.

提到comes with a free trial for a limited time,but after that it has a cost (their plans start at $29 per month).If you can afford it it's worth having as its search algorithms are much more complex than Google Alerts and it offers way more notifications.



我在google alert告诉我的网站上圈出了我的书。In this case,这是一个网络钓鱼网站。Obviously,because my novels are in KDP Select,除了亚马逊以外,任何用下载按钮列出我的书的网站都是不合法的。And very seldom will they be pirates (i.e.他们真的会有我的书吗?Most of the time they are scammers,aiming to cheat people out of their personal details.直到今天,I have never found a pirate listing my books.


ATTENTION:Do not try to download anything from a phishing site!They don't always ask for your email address or credit card information first.有时他们会直接进行,一旦你按下“下载”,他们就会用病毒感染你的电脑!When I was still rather wet behind the ears I tried it once and if it weren't for my nifty antivirus/firewall,I'd have been in a really hard place for a while!我还记得当杀毒软件抓到这个bug并在几秒钟后为我中和它时我是如何发抖的。

所以警告!当你到了那个该死的地方,do nothing on there and certainly do not betway必威体育app官方下载contact them.相反,do this:


https://safebrowsing.google.com/safebrowsing/reportou phish/?HL=EN


这是一个谷歌网页,as you can see,所以要用它来保证它的安全。这里是你复制粘贴在上面的讨厌的网页,列出你的书。


A couple days later,if you go to that nasty web page,你会发现它已经不在那里了。有时候谷歌还需要几天时间;I expect they must have a lot of work of the sort to deal with,但他们总是在一周内把这一页取下来!!

就是这样,偷看!This tactic is simple,快速有效。I know it's not a permanent fix,到目前为止。天知道骗子不会被吓倒,只会创建一个新的网站来重新做这一切。但希望,及时,如果我们中有足够多的人继续报道,maybe they'll find it hard in the long run and decide to do something decent for a change.我是一个梦想家,what can I say?无论如何,the very thought that someone uses my labors of love to deceive people makes me mad.自从我开始使用这个谷歌工具,我感觉好多了。希望对你也有帮助!!

Thank you,Amy Vansant分享这个好消息!!

你觉得这个有用吗?考虑给艾米几分钟宝贵的时间浏览一下她。website.I am a huge fan of her work and have devoured everything she's written!If you love reading and laughing out loud,it's an absolute must!!


How to get rid of phishing sites that list your book #ASMSG #IAN1点击鸣叫
计划访问希腊?退房our insider's guideto betway必威官网登陆官方网Corfu!For delicious Greek recipes,gohere. For free books & exclusive giveawaysbetway手机网页!你是作家吗?Check out our FREE promo tips & resources.

How to get a cool email signature


不管怎样,I am thrilled to share today an amazing new tip!Thanks tothis article好心人这是由酷家伙和企业家戴夫·切森经营的,I now have an email signature that rocks!!


The free app is  called威斯塔姆.上面看到的一切都是可点击的。例如,the Youtube image takes you to the video,右边的横幅把你带到我的网站,读者可以在那里浏览我的书。

Creating your email signature on威斯塔姆大约十分钟。你可以在免费帐户上添加各种各样的东西。You don't have to upgrade to a paid option.

注意:如果您决定使用横幅,you can create it on the free program坎瓦– choose the format of a Twitter banner as the Facebook one is too big to be inserted whole on Wisestamp.

Once you've created your email signature,你可以选择免费的电子邮件提供商来使用它。I chose Yahoo but get this: in the options,Wisestamp set it to ‘all email addresses' which means that without doing anything else,它现在也可以在我的Gmail邮箱中找到。WiseStamp将在您的计算机上进行快速安装,以便将来可以使用签名。Once installed,I set mine to not come up on emails by default,除非我手动插入。

看到下面这个我用红色圈起来的图标了吗?That's where you click to add your signature to the bottom of any email.容易的!!


现在,一旦你设置好签名,WiseStamp会给你发电子邮件,提醒你使用另一个很酷的免费功能:一个你可以向他人展示自己的网页。你创造了这个hereand it looks like this:




Or,you can see itherelive.


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