Book review: Little Thumb by Marina Gioti (Fairytales Retold series)

This is the second book by this author that I've now read–the first one being the heart-rending picture book ‘One Heart'–and I loved the concept of questioning fairy tales in this series.It's a wonderful idea that sparks curiosity in children's minds,encouraging them to think for themselves.

Filbert Numbscull is the main character throughout the series.Unlike the delightful surname that suggests otherwise when pronounced,this is actually a clever little owl that even plays detective!In the specific book,Filbert investigates the whats,hows and whys behind the story of Little Thumb.A host of pressing questions are addressed for the first time and the findings surprisingly point us to the issue of fear – what it can do to us and how liberating it can be once we find the courage to overcome it.

Mrs Gioti both writes the clever prose and designs the beautiful graphics creating a top notch children's book that's bound to entertain young children and teach them a thing or two.If your child tends to question everything,I am sure they'll enjoy ‘meeting' Mr Filbert Numbscull!A delightful and clever picture book that I highly recommend.

My rating:

5 stars

Delightful and clever!!

Looking for a children's book with a difference?This thought-provoking tale will impress!Check it out today!!


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