Running Haunted: My new book is a romantic comedy with a ghost #paranormal #romance #Greek

Yes! Thrilled to present today my new novel on Amazon. It is set in the charming Greek town of Nafplio and features a marathon runner, a widower with three underage kids, a quirky pug, and a ghost!

Here’s the book description:

Kelly ran a marathon… and wound up running a house. With a ghost in it.

Kelly Mellios is a stunning, athletic woman, who has learned—the hard way—to value herself. Having just finished her first marathon in the alluring Greek town of Nafplio, she bumps into Alex, a gorgeous widower with three underage children, who is desperately looking for a housekeeper.

时机似乎完美,看到凯利疼痛to start a new life, and Nafplio seems like the ideal place to settle down. She accepts the position on the spot, but little does she know that Alex’s house has an extra inhabitant that not even the family knows about…

The house is haunted by Alex’s late wife, who has unfinished business to tend to. By using the family pet, a quirky pug named Charlie, the ghost is able to communicate with Kelly and asks her for help. She claims she wants to ensure her loved ones are happy before she departs, but offers very little information about her plans.

Kelly freaks out at first, but gradually finds herself itching to help. It is evident there’s room for improvement in this family… Plus, her growing attraction towards Alex is overpowering…

Will Kelly do the ghost’s bidding? How will it affect her? And just how strange is this pug?

The book is on pre-order at a special price of only $0.99!



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Summer love and a mysterious haunting in Corfu… Only $0.99 for a limited time!

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