Oh my.After finishing this book I feel like I've gone around the world.In a time capsule.Once again,Mallery unfolds her talent with masterful storytelling that makes history come alive.Soldiers fighting the Vietnam War,hippies in Woodstock,suffragettes,emigrants arriving on Ellis island and so much more come to life in this compelling family saga,making it a spell-binding treat you will never forget.

I have read all of Mallery's books now and I am astounded by her unique gift to make history feel like it's happening today.She takes historical events and figures from the faded-out,misty past and turns them into living,breathing things that she then,somehow,projects in striking colors onto the mind of her readers.That is a truly magical talent to have and I urge you to sample it.

My rating:

5 stars

Exhilarating storytelling that makes history come alive.

Do you enjoy historical fiction that make bygone eras come alive?How about American family sagas?This could be your next favorite read!Check it out!!



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