A glowing review of The Raven Witch of betway必威官网登陆官方网Corfu by author Hilary Whitton Paipeti


就在梅松吉南部,and standing slightly separate from the aerial-capped hill of Hlomos,is the ‘pyramid-shaped' mountain of Martaouna,埃弗罗西尼·莫绍迪的新小说的主要背景之一,‘The Raven Witch of betway必威官网登陆官方网Corfu'.Dubbed a ‘fantasy holiday romance',,这是米尔斯和布恩的一个进步——比芭芭拉·卡特兰更多的是玛丽·斯图尔特。,有点哥特式恐怖和哈利波特式魔法的混合。And it's certainly a page-turner – ideal for lazy afternoons on Messonghi beach (where much of it is set),or indeed at any place or time.

剧情发展得如此之快,要想在不放弃游戏的情况下完成它几乎是不可能的。足以说女主人公二十年后又回到了科尔夫,betway必威官网登陆官方网要承担一项任务——也就是要认领她的孪生兄弟,他被绑架了,12岁,on her previous visit.In a cave.一个邪恶的女巫。

听起来不太可能?So was Harry Potter,but that turned out OK,didn't it??Continuous action through nearly 400 pages (how DID she keep it up?) and a number of sub-plots draw you in fast.Reading a pre-publication edition,I was supposed to be proof-reading,but I was so keen to know at every stage what happened next that I forgot!!

接近尾声,I really puzzled over how it would work out;;I'm usually good at guessing endings,but this one floored me.Would it finish with a cop-out?不,埃弗罗西尼提出了货物,with a brilliant ‘twist' that pulled the plot back from the brink.

事实上,埃弗罗西尼的书的主打点是她的位置感。Her betway必威官网登陆官方网Corfu books are set in and around Moraitika,the ancestral home of her grandfather,and the place where she has holidayed every year since childhood.While plots may possess touches of the supernatural (as shown at the end of our serialisation of Effrosyni's short story ‘AHoliday with Granny'),,他们生活在一个真实熟悉的世界里,这使得不可思议的事情似乎是可信的。你可以和女主人公一起走到马塔乌纳山上的秘密橄榄林,和她一起在梅松吉和佩特里提参加“瓦卡洛拉”节,在那里你将在盛夏度过一个漫长的夜晚。这些具体的场景帮助我们接受故事情节的超现实性,just as hobbits,兽人,精灵和巫师可以合理地居住在一个完全可以被认作英格兰的世界里。

But the supernatural is not contained only in the book itself.正如埃弗罗西尼告诉我们的,“当[艺术家]在封面上工作时,发生了一些可怕的事情!I only told him my book was set on a beach in betway必威官网登陆官方网Corfu and,of all places,他给我看了这张照片,实际上描绘了梅松吉的海湾。if you think you're going to have to suspend belief when reading ‘Raven Witch',just consider: There are more things in Heaven and Earth… Who knows what's really hiding on Martaouna??

这篇评论发表在10月份的《科孚电子报》上。betway必威官网登陆官方网,The Agiot.

Author Hilary Whitton Paipeti contributes with articles inThe Agiot,主要是在科尔夫附近徒步旅行,betway必威官网登陆官方网its flora and fauna.她即将出版的书,“跟随劳伦斯·杜雷尔和杰拉尔德·杜雷尔在科尔夫的脚步”,betway必威官网登陆官方网是20世纪90年代流行版本的翻版,with new content.看看希拉里在betway必威官网登陆官方网Corfu Walksand at科孚小道betway必威官网登陆官方网.

The Raven Witch of betway必威官网登陆官方网Corfu is out on Amazon in 4 compelling kindle episodes.The paperback will follow soon.GO HERE去看看!!



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