Lights Out by Kayelle Allen and a must-read sci fi anthology

你好,bookworms!Today I have a brand new book to recommend,a top-knotch scifi and space opera anthology: The Expanding Universe Volume 4!!

二十个非凡的故事。20位获奖畅销作家。One incredible science fiction collection to awaken your mind to infinite possibilities.外星人,狙击手,军舰,royalty,阴谋。Battles fought with railguns,等离子体束,and blasters–with words–or even only within the mind.

Kayelle Allenawesome author and creator of博客,参加了上述的收集与她的晶圆厂独立阅读,Lights Out.The story is a prequel to her Bringer of Chaos Series.Check it out below!你会很高兴的,如果你喜欢科幻。


他能拯救人类。After he does one important thing.死亡。

Since he was little,龙卷风想做一些重要的事情。他来自一个大家庭,abuela,his grandmother,reared him to know he was loved,he always felt a little on the outside of the family.他小时候母亲抛弃了他。不要太多的精神分析,but Tornahdo longed to do something important.To be remembered.所以当他有机会让自己的死亡真正有意义的时候,he jumped on it.Let me give you the basics of the story,然后我将分享一个简短的摘录。

Tornahdo can save mankind.he does one important thing.死亡。

加入幽灵军团,他们说。You'll live forever,他们说。你将拯救人类,他们说。他们不是这么说来做的,first he had to die.

When Tornahdo signs on the dotted line,he puts his life into the steady hands of the mighty Ghost Corps.Three grisly deaths and three agonizing resurrections later,他被分配到空间站第六空间站工作。


他们希望他赢吗?Fat chance.Tornahdo和他的团队已经死了,这个任务的代号是”熄灯。”不,there's more to this than he can see.

为了发现真相,he must face an unbeatable,unkillable enemy,这一次——不知何故——找到一种让自己活着的方法……


The air reeked of antiseptic and starch stiffened the pillowcase.要是麻木的叽叽喳喳停止就好了。

Tornahdo pried open his eyes.他头顶扁平的血袋,蜡纸印刷的设备和灰色的墙壁尖叫着军队医院。

He'd died.再一次。

Spanish curses slipped out.Hisabuelawould've taken a switch to him.He made the sign of the cross and kissed his fingertips.

After yanking the tube out of his arm,he pressed a thumb over the entry point.谢天谢地,这次,he wasn't writhing on the floor in agony.Well,还没有。

一个戴着幽灵军团制服的无名机器人在一排显示龙卷风名字和生命体征的设备上若隐若现。First impression was right.Military hospital.


"你听见了吗?"a youthful voice bragged."He killed six of 'em last night.""

"是啊,but they don't stay dead.They never do.""

"If Ultras didn't come back to life,他们的血浆不能把我们自己的人带回来。”"

敌人的血液在几秒钟内就把龙卷风手臂上的洞愈合了。He thumbed off the red smear and rolled over on the gurney.

An open door led to a sink and toilet built to let gravity do its work.这意味着这是一个行星。你在太空之前就没有生活过,floating in zero gravity while your body's final twitches sent your corpse spinning.


This was getting old.

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Kayelle Allen writes Sci Fi with misbehaving robots,不朽的玩家,还有那些号叫的战士。She's a US Navy veteran who's been married so long she's tenured.
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