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(希腊的作者和博客,Effrosyni Moschoudi)

寻找大海,阳光和乐趣吨的希腊假期呢?You can’t do better than Moraitika (or the quaint Messonghi beside it!) Here you will find everything you need to know: where to stay, eat and swim, sightseeing spots off the tourist trail, where to go for a great night out, and lots more!

We even have your reading pleasure sorted! Make sure to scroll all the way down for books set in Moraitika and Messonghi, including aFREE short story!

Welcome to Moraitika, Corfu – my favorite corner of the world! This is where I’ve spent many long summers during the 70s and 80s with my extended family, and mainly with my late grandparents. Nowadays, I return every summer to revisit old fond memories, to see relatives and a bunch of dear friends, and of course, to enjoy the serenity of the setting, the sun and the sea, and to just be — i.e. all the things I keep dreaming of during my winters in Athens, the way I’ve been doing all my life, it seems.



First off, the basics!

Moraitika is situated on the southeast coast of the island. The old quarter is on higher ground, perching on a lush mountain covered with olive groves. Walking through the quaint paths is a pleasure in itself, but you can also admire a spectacular sea view from up here. The sunset vistas are enchanting enough, but the sunrise is truly unforgettable. Rise early one morning, find a vantage point and marvel at this sort of spectacle:

(Click on any image to enlarge)

Here, you can quench your thirst at the Pigi (a fresh spring) under the shade of a huge plane tree (platanos). The path that leads to it begins from Tassos Grill if you know your way around the village on the hill. Ask any local where the Pigi or the Platanos is and they’ll point you to the right direction. Basically, you should take the road to the left of the downhill one that leads to the beach (i.e. the left one on the fork in the road beside Tassos Grill).

值得一看的是乡村教堂(玛丽安息)及其美丽的钟楼。华灯初上的教堂,你会发现村(贴水的Dimitris)和曾经是那里的墓地只有坟墓罚站的过时的,原始的教会。该墓属于我的曾祖父,Stefanos的瓦西拉基斯,谁是乡村牧师和教师在20世纪之交。我给莫拉伊蒂卡名称“Vassilaki”书中低潮(这是设置有),以表彰他的记忆。要了解更多关于古老的教堂,并看到一些我的家庭历史的老照片,see this post.

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Check out this brand new water fun park in Moraitika! It is situated near Caldera Beach bar. Fun in the sun can’t get any better than this!

Check out theFacebook页面!


While in Moraitika, you may be happy to lounge on the same beach all day, but should you decide to rent a car or a bike as to explore the nearby beaches and villages, you will be glad you did. Stunning sandy beaches on the west side of Corfu are only a short ride away in the direction of Lefkimmi and Cavos. In a few minutes, you could be in Chalikounas or Issos – both are situated near Lake Korission (one on either side). Chalikounas is the first beach on the way and to get there, you’ll drive right by the lake. Issos is further away on the road to Lefkimmi. For both beaches, you may have to ask for directions from a local, as sign posting is not too clear. I assure you, they’re both worth the trouble and the drive is delightful.

Have lunch after your swim on the seafront at Messonghi…

I recommend lunch at Messonghi during at least one of your daytime explorations. Messonghi is built at the river mouth of Messonghi river. It is the neighboring village of Moraitika that I describe in my book, The Ebb. Just pick any of the quaint seafront tavernas for your meal there. One of my favorites is Bacchus Taverna. It is situated near the pier. Scroll down to the section ‘Where to Eat’ to read more about Bacchus.

Picture by Paul Tuck

Messonghi的海滩 - 图片由保罗·塔克

Further down the road from Messonghi you’ll find Boukari. Plenty of excellent tavernas to enjoy there too.

莫拉伊蒂卡 - 沙滩科孚岛betway必威官网登陆官方网

Moraitika – view of the beach and the pier at Delfinia Hotel



As for the mountain on the left in the previous picture, it is called Chlomos and you’ll find two villages on it: Agios Dimitrios (you can see it under the two masts) and Chlomos which is on the other side of the mountain. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not conquer this mountain? Explore Agios Dimitrios and marvel at the coastal view from its churchyard. Here’s how the bay looks from up there. Not bad, huh?




For the most serious sightseeing on the island, you must visit the renowned Achilles Palace, the enchanting Kanoni with the nearby Mon Repos (a holiday mansion of the Greek royal family back in the day – now a fine museum) and Pontikonisi (Mouse Island) and, of course, the stunning old quarter of Corfu town with its picturesque lanes, churches and the Old Venetian Fortress.


See this postwhere I share photos of breathtaking sea views from Garitsa and Anemomylos in Corfu town, as well as of the Venetian quarter, Campielo.

If you’re looking for places of interest near Moraitika/Messonghi, and especially if you are into healthy eating, I highly recommend the Mavroudis Family Museum and Olive Press in Vraganiotika. It’s about five minutes by car from Moraitika. At the roundabout, turn right towards Lefkimmi. After Vraganiotika, and just before Alevropari, you will see this beautiful, natural stone building on the left side of the road:

This building (built in an old Venetian-style) houses the Mavroudis Family Museum and a modern olive press.



By the way, I highly recommend the flavored oils! Choose among oregano, garlic, orange, chilly and more! The Mavroudis family presses the olives along with these fresh ingredients to make these subtly flavoured oils that taste delicious! I can personally vouch for the yumminess of the orange variety that I love to drizzle over my boiled greens along with fresh lemon juice. Incredibly yummy and healthy!

Please note that you can also buy the products of the Mavroudis family at their shop in Moraitika (at the roundabout). For any questions, contact them at their Facebook page,这里

For more info, directions to the olive press and more, visit the website这里

如下为探索在科孚岛,你betway必威官网登陆官方网will find details of G&S Travel, the best travel agent in Moraitika, where you will marvel at the choices you have! Personally, I recommend these two boat trips that I have done and which I am forever daydreaming about. Check out these pictures:



Regarding boat trips, I never pass on the chance to do one, and I’ve had unforgettable boat trips elsewhere; in Milos, Skiathos, Zakynthos and Lefkada, for example. Yet, on Corfu, you get an incredible amount of choice because of many places of interest on Corfu itself, the nearby small islands, and the stunning beaches and sites of the Greek mainland. Other than the agency that I am recommending at the bottom of this page, you can also book a boat trip or two to nearby destinations directly with your captain! All you have to do is visit Messonghi’s little marina at the river mouth and choose to book ahead one of many boat trips on offer. I recommend Captain Homer – there’s a booking office for this captain near the river mouth where you can choose among many different tours on offer. Scroll down for contact details. I recommend the evening boat trip to Corfu Town. Explore the quaint old quarter of the town, do a spot of shopping, have a meal, and then enjoy the romantic boat ride back to Messonghi after sun down with the coast all lit up… An enchanting experience all together.


Messonghi’s marina is a magical place at sunset. Check out these photos and see what I mean:

To get there from Moraitika, after the iron bridge over the river, take the cemented path to the left. The sign will say ‘to Messonghi river’.


Make sure to check out the many excursions available by Captain Homer:



新!您可能还需要检查出从Messonghi的同船迪米特拉j中的“Durrells”游船将带你到的Kontokali(Durrells拍摄的房子)和Kalami(卡拉米)湾。在后者中,你将能够访问白宫,在那里劳伦斯·德雷尔曾经住过。betway必威体育app官方下载联系这个Facebook页面to book the boat trip!

新!Speaking of The Durrells, did you know that you can now have a guided tour in Danilia Village, the place were many village scenes were filmed for the series?See this post如何预订格雷科泰尔游览。不要只是转了,因为门只在特定日期和时间打开。请享用!

Well, this is it as far as general information goes!

Below, you will find all my recommendations in full detail and many other new resources.

Make sure to scroll all the way down for books set in Moraitika and Messonghi!


GUESTHOUSE:NEA ZOI(业主:科斯塔斯和雷妮Vlachos)


NEA ZOI是正确的在沙滩上!

NEA ZOI,这是我的可爱的阿姨雷妮Vlachos运行,非常适合人们寻找安宁和家庭。它坐落在沙滩上的莫拉伊蒂卡,但如果您更喜欢从太阳回避,就在树荫下坐在一起喝一杯,让时间融化.

All rooms are air-conditioned and are equipped with a fridge and a kettle. Some rooms have a kitchenette as well.


要预订,接触Spybetway必威体育app官方下载ridoula在或电话:+30 26610 76282)

(Click on any image to enlarge)

VILLA CORFIOTA (owner: Yannis Vlachos)



A little further inland from Nea Zoi you will find Villa Corfiota, which is run by the same family, namely by my cousin Yannis Vlachos. This villa that’s half-hidden in its lush gardens is another quiet setting for a relaxing vacation. The property comprises of 18 studios surrounded by a lush garden of beautiful flowers and fruit trees.

Location:Just off the beach (50 meters) near Nea Zoi, Caldera Lounge Bar and Margarita Hotel.

要预订,电子邮件或电话:+30 26610 75350)


(Click on any image to enlarge)

AQUARIUS STUDIOS (owner: Giorgos & Spyridoula Vlachos)


Location:位于主路上,对面Alkyonis酒店。该工作室是上述莫拉伊蒂卡旅游中心(该旅行社将在本指南对后来的特色 - 由同一个家族拥有的)。

要预订,接触Spybetway必威体育app官方下载ridoula Vlachos在:


电话:+30 26610 76282








这是在心脏年轻人会明白更多,因为,Leftis是不是你的平均家伙的地方!早在上世纪80年代,Leftis跑在同一地点的浪漫餐厅,从那时候,人们传为佳话。每天晚上与当地人跳舞混合和syrtaki到布祖基琴和弦的狂热所有年龄段的游客。在某些时候,Leftis会从后面拿出一头驴,呼唤淑女游客骑它周围的舞池,他会做各种疯狂的套路也提高笑声一阵阵狂。如今,Leftis不再带出了一头驴,但他一个邪恶的希腊之夜烧烤那里,在许多其他事情,他邀请他的客人,让他打破他们的头板,每周一次。请注意 - 品尝希腊晚上,你需要提前预订!

Pictures by LeftisRomantica &betway必威官网登陆官方网CorfuHolidayGuide


Whether you intend to stay there or not, make sure to pre-book and sample the Greek night BBQ!

访问网站这里for many photos and all contact details.



Irini Aparments is a family business run by the Tzoras family. The property has ample greenery and an beautiful overhead trellis laden with grapes – making this a wonderful place to relax with a drink and just be. My childhood friend and wonderful host, Costas Tzoras, also mans the bar that’s situated in front of this beautiful pool area…



Situated right on the beach in Messonghi, this two-bedroom apartment gets all booked up fast and is perfect for families, so make sure to book early! My cousin, Sofia Tsatsanis, will see to it that you have a perfect, comfortable stay. The apartment provides all mod cons, including a washing machine, a dishwasher and a hydromassage bathtub. Check out these awesome living spaces!

For any questions, and to place your booking, emailevitasikiacorfu at yahoo dot com







For more info, visit the website or Facebook page as per above.



Just off the beach in Messonghi, in a lush seating area with a picturesque decoration, you will enjoy exquisite traditional Greek dishes. This brand new restaurant could very well become your new favourite hang out and not just because of the food and the great value for money. The two locals who run it, Kostas and my cousin Akis, are highly professional and extremely courteous. Give it a try and see what I mean!


For more info and photos,访问Facebook页面





MR GYROS(索瓦兰吉SHOP与家庭TAVERNA IN ONE!) - 莫拉伊蒂卡附近Alkyonis酒店主干道

所有者:Nikos Kosmas. Note: This is the original setting of the notorious Olympia restaurant, run by Nikos’s grandfather, Andreas Kosmas. If you were around in the 70s you may recall the fantastic Syrtaki and Shake dancing that went on daily among the tables! And if you laughed your head off watching a little girl dance at any point, it was probably me. I couldn’t get away from the place

I fell in love with the moussaka and highly recommend it. Especially as it comes with a dollop of yummy tzatziki! Also, if you’re having a souvlaki, choose the normal size unless you intend to eat A LOT. The large souvlaki is for big eaters, and the meat content is very generous. Everything I tried was fabulous, including the pasta with meatballs, and the pasta Bolognese.
Location:Main street Moraitika, next to Buddies Bar and across from Alkyonis Hotel.

BELLA VISTA – Moraitika old village, top of the hill



Bella Vista酒店距离时,我的祖父母会请我吃饭有在日落上世纪80年代的旧的最爱。务必请对当你访问你带来最好的相机!

Location:在山上 - 在旧城区莫拉伊蒂卡的。You will find signs to direct you.





Location:在山上 - 在旧城区莫拉伊蒂卡的。找到它的最简单方法是从Delfinia酒店主路走上坡路的路径。



扎克的小酒馆是一个异想天开的建立是真实可见的具有浮雕在温暖的夜晚一片叹息多彩绽放其郁郁葱葱的花园。扎克的妻子,Loula,花费每天早上准备令人垂涎的自制美食,这将永远继续困扰着你,一旦你离开了小岛......我建议您订购了一系列首发,而不是主菜,所以你可以品尝到更多!让他们的肯定一个是土豆皮!扎克的是非常流行的,只有在晚上18:00之后打开。你已经被警告 - 尤其是19:30左右,之后参观一定要提前预定!



请注意:只在晚上开放。提前预订在26610 76036尤其是如果你在19:30左右的时间来访!

STAVROS TAVERNA&BAR(莫拉伊蒂卡,靠近罗马废墟主路)


BUDDIES BAR (Moraitika main road, near Alkyonis Hotel)

Located on the main road at Moraitika across from Alkyonis Hotel, this family-run bar is all you need for live entertainment, great beers/cocktails, and to exercise your vocal cords too! Why should your shower have this privilege alone? Head over to Buddies on Saturday night for a double fun experience: Brian Badcock aka Ozzy hosts a wicked karaoke show with Greek dancing too. Terrific family fun! The bar offers Sky sports, pool and darts as well – everything that could make this your next favorite hangout for a drink or a great night out!


BACCHUS (Messonghi beach, by the pier)




Bacchus is a fabulous choice for a meal in Messonghi. Situated across the pier, it’s very easy to find. I always make sure to have lunch there when I visit this village for a swim. The staff are courteous, and Yianna, who runs the taverna, is the perfect hostess. Everything tastes delicious, made with fresh ingredients. Great, fresh seafood!

75 STEPS TAVERNA(Spileo,山Martaouna的山麓)




An amazing restaurant in all respects. A large selection of wonderful meals on offer, and the view – well, I think this photograph speaks for itself!

到那里怎么走:From the Moraitika roundabout, past the bridge and the crossroads at Messonghi, continue uphill. At the village of Spileo, you will see a sign on the left side of the road for Spileo House. On the right side of the road, seconds later, you will see a small sign for municipal parking. It is a large field where you can leave your vehicle. The restaurant is right after that on the same side of the road. You have a choice between taking the elevator or the steps to enjoy this magnificent vista!


组织的观光 - 乘船游览 - 游览


花式旅游?只是要看看我的表弟乔治Vlachos并在g&S Travel在莫拉伊蒂卡他可爱的妻子Spyridoula!信任这个小的,但优秀的家族企业,以帮助您更好地与亲人最好的节日回忆。在这里,您可以得到游览了很多地方在整个爱奥尼亚海的大陆,也是Paxos的和Antipaxos的岛屿。我强烈建议乘船前往Paxos还有一个西沃塔和蓝色泻湖(sea caves)!



电话:+30 26610 76282



This fine travel operator has offices in Moraitika, Messonghi, Agios Georgios and Perama. My friend Soula Sakadaki will do her best to make your day out the best it can be! Choose between a day-cruise or one of the many coach tours to visit other parts of Corfu, the Greek mainland, Paxos and even the Albanian coast. There’s a wide variety of tours available to suit all tastes. For more information, visit their网站.

办公地点:Moraitika, Messonghi, Agios Georgios and Perama.


电话:+30 26610 80297





The co-op supermarket has it all! This cost-effective and adequately stocked supermarket is well known in the village for the main man running the show. Alekos is the friendliest guy I know and bursts with positive energy. You’ll love to greet him every morning. If you happen to mention football, be kind to Olympiakos! We’re talking passion here. Alekos and his brother Yiorgos haven’t put up the team’s flag on the roof for nothing!





Location:On the main road, across from the entrance to Delfinia Hotel. It is on a corner, by the uphill road to the old village that leads to Tassos Grill.



Stop by “Irini” during your next long walk for an ice cream or refreshment on the go and make sure to browse through the shop. Chances are you’ll find something that you’ll love to use during your holiday and beyond

礼品 - 纪念品 - 海滩STUFF

访问Aquarius gift shop! My cousin Yannis and his family offer a wide selection of gifts from the most traditional to the utterly hilarious. You’ll find something for everyone here, even for your most awkward aunt!



需要打印你的董事会ing pass in Moraitika? For stamps, gifts, fax, internet cards and lots more, visit the local bookshop, Vivliou Chora, that is also the village post office.




联系电话:+30 26610 76964




私人接送 - MINIBUS - 出租车服务及旅游




探索与海岛The Corfu Trail!该网站是由作家希拉里Paipeti并列出运行旅游经营者,谁提供的岛屿独立或旅游路线的广泛选择。徒步孚科孚径的长度,岛上的国际知名长距betway必威官网登陆官方网离行走路线!











访问the beautiful site ofAllbetway必威官网登陆官方网Corfu.com如果您正在寻找有关该岛的信息。它拥有一切!从住宿到交通,从历史和文化的楼盘!它甚至列表几个破解好读设置在科孚岛!betway必威官网登陆官方网


这是一个神话般的网站,将满足双方共同的和罕见的度假需求!只要前往www.betway必威官网登陆官方网corfuselections.comand see what they can do for you: accommodation, transfers, wedding photography, high-powered craft rides, mobility scooters and anything else you may need – just send them an email. The people at Corfu Selections are committed to assisting independent travelers and to satisfying any special needs while supporting the local economy.


访问 great accommodation ideas and info on sightseeing, culture, nature, and lots more. It even lists a few书籍在科孚岛设置!betway必威官网登陆官方网

谢谢for reading! You’ve reached the end of my guide as it is today. You may want to bookmark this page and return to it again before you visit the island. This is a work in progress!



IMPORTANT NOTE:I have created this guide to give you insider tips on how to enjoy your stay in Moraitika to the max. I do not receive commission from anyone, and I am only showcasing them here as to support family and friends. All these lovely people will be thrilled to hear you came to Moraitika and met them because of this website, so please ensure to mention ‘Frosso’ sent you! That’s the standard Greek diminutive of my name, by the way. My non Greek friends tend to call me Fros or Frossie. Feel free to use any of these names if you contact me to say hi!



我获奖的浪漫,落潮,坐落在莫拉伊蒂卡和Messonghi的20世纪80年代,它洋溢在与我的暑假有自传成分的时候......所以这是非常接近我的心脏。爱情和激情燃烧的劳动。即使它的一部分三部曲,这本书使一个美妙的独立的读!Go here检查出来。

我的新的电子书,爱微面,包含莫拉伊蒂卡和Messonghi的短篇小说集!Grab the ebook for FREE!

你喜欢平装书?你可以命令所有my books在亚马逊,在你最近的书店或在当地的图书馆。



A lifetime of Corfu summers



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    the Islands restaurant in also excellelent

    • 感谢您的光临,克里斯蒂娜!这是美妙的,你曾住在浪漫和参观火山口和你提到的其他优美的地方。我妹妹在法律从英国爱岛餐厅很多,但我没有去过许多餐馆周围莫拉伊蒂卡,因为我有我自己的地方有我的奶奶是一个了不起的厨师,所以我倾向于萦绕在用餐时间房子

    • 哇,一个月!我很高兴为你恭!我希望你将停止在莫拉伊蒂卡旅游中心,让Spyridoula看到您的各种需求的日常出行。萨伊Frosso“送你玩得开心,享受蓝洞,如果你走了。我很羡慕

  5. 我很想在明年!我一定会把所有的照顾你的爱的信息非常感谢你

    • 谢谢for your visit, Marion! If you’ve never been there before, you’ll fall in love with it! I’ve seen many first time visitors over the years cry on their last day in Moraitika

  6. 非常感谢你分享这个。自2000年以来我们一直在度假的和莫拉伊蒂卡我们绝对喜欢它那里,爱的人。我们使用您提到的和所有的地方都有过这样的可爱的食品所有的餐馆。您可能要添加新的餐厅,迪米特里已开通(谁曾经是在螃蟹的服务员现在被称为当然火山)叫妈妈的Taverna的。再优秀的食品。

    • 谢谢卡罗尔 - 那会是丽娜的新的小酒馆?她是我的表弟 - 我想她的丈夫的名字是季米特里斯所以它可能是他。丽娜是佩特罗斯的从螃蟹大女儿。她的新小酒馆毗邻奥林匹亚餐厅。那是一个你是什么意思?我的意思是去探望她的这个夏天,但是跑的超时...所以它在我明年的计划,非常感谢您的光临这里

  7. 我喜欢这一点。我们每年和住宿去莫拉伊蒂卡在ZOI的Nea。它是如此可爱的看到所有的照片(可惜有些人颠倒)

    • 瓦尔嗨 - 高兴你喜欢它是的,对不起,我有一个技术问题,与一对夫妇的破火山口(蟹)的照片和超市。剩下的似乎是确定由下降非常感谢!

  8. 你介意我举几个您的文章或博客文章的前提是我供应的信用评分和来源回到您的网站?我的博客是在好奇心非常相同的位置,你的和我的客人肯定会从一些信息,你当前就在这里受益。请允许我知道,如果这与你没关系。干杯!

    • 你好,我访问您的网站,并看到它指的是中东地区。不过,如果你打算在博客希腊科孚岛的任何一点,当然如果你是高达链接到我的网页我会很高兴。betway必威官网登陆官方网谢谢

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  10. 你好,非常感谢......所有!去年夏天,我去科孚岛的第一次。betway必威官网登陆官方网我住在圣乔治。今年以来,在7月,我一个星期海鸟酒店预订。我很高兴为您recomending地方,尤其是乘船游览。去年我不能出去,我的梦想是蓝湖,但现在......我不知道什么是更好的蓝礁湖?或者Paxos的?hmmmm

    • Hi Monica, thank you for your lovely comments. It’s been years since I last went to Paxos or the Blue Lagoon but in both cases, the boats do a day’s excursion. So, expect to leave around 9:00 am, be at your first destination about 1 hour later, with more than one stops for a swim. Lunch on board or at a taverna, return to Corfu around 5-6 pm. Both are worth doing but I love the Paxos and Antipaxos one better. The Seabird is on the beach at Moraitika – an excellent choice! For all your travel needs, make sure to visit Spyridoula at the travel agency as per my recommendations. Enjoy your holiday and thank you again for writing!

  11. 你好。我只是想说,我多爱如何阅读本。我会在附近停留在Messonghi的在八月与我的男朋友。这听起来像一个了不起的地方。我们迫不及待地去一定会访问所有您推荐了地方。谢谢。

    • 感谢您抽出时间来评论,洛林。如果你从来没有去过孚之前,你是在一种享受!betway必威官网登陆官方网玩得开心

  12. Hi going to Moraitika for the first time in two days time and have really enjoyed reading your experiences. Can’t wait now.

    • 谢谢for browsing through my guide, Gary! You’re in for a treat, my friend! Enjoy, and I look forward to any comments if you feel like sharing once you’ve come back. You can contact me here or Facebook anytime

  13. 我刚刚预订了一个星期,9月18日至25日,看上去很不错,希望天气的好,住在五月花约会。

    • 谢谢你的评论,大卫!玩得开心日 - 9月是一个伟大的一个月访问科孚岛,更凉爽betway必威官网登陆官方网

  14. 来到Messonghi的一周对旁边一个大的家庭度假后,你的话有一定勾起了我的胃口!在科孚岛第一次13年(我们是betway必威官网登陆官方网在San Stefanos的北方最后一次),所以不能等到回来。谢谢

    • 您可在Messonghi的,露丝即将到来的假期!你是在一个特殊的治疗,我知道,访问过它(和莫拉伊蒂卡过,我希望)首次。我希望你能尝试一些推荐的餐厅,在我的指南中提到的其他商店的 - 您将超过满意。玩得开心!XX

  15. 知道我该地区以及在Moritika一个家庭d I will be arriving 6th September for a week staying in Spileo House built last year by family friends bringing a girlfriend for her first visit and looking forward to showing her the island. Out of interest why are so many of your lovely photos upside down!

    • 喜珍妮特和欢迎到我的网站!所以,对不起,这些照片。这是由于某种技术故障,我与特定批次的照片。我希望能尽快得到新的,并在页面替换它们。希望他们没有破坏你的经历太多有一个美好的假期这个月!

  16. 我在六月破获孚,这betway必威官网登陆官方网是对我一见钟情。可能是我运气够九月下旬再次访问,但我听说天气悬空。难道雨来来去去,或集一周?

    • 嗨娜塔莉并感谢您在这里您的光临!恐怕雨可能发生,即使在夏天,而不是仅仅在科孚岛,但它是稀疏。betway必威官网登陆官方网我刚刚从莫拉伊蒂卡两周的假期回来,我们有雷暴一个晚上,阴雨的天空两天,但它是每隔一天酷热和阳光。您可能必须在9月多一点雨,但没有什么会破坏你的假期天就结束。玩得开心,并一定要品尝烧烤塔索的精致餐厅在莫拉伊蒂卡山上。业主都是我的好朋友。您可以在露台的海景大方吃,以惊叹我推荐的茄!XX

  17. 嗨刚刚发现你很高兴与你的照片和精彩的信息,我们将在13去月9日两个星期,你肯定给了我们在这个神话般的地方。谢谢你这么多的X这样的见解

    • 凯喜!我刚从莫拉伊蒂卡回来,有一个神话般的时间。确保每星期五要看看Leftis浪漫为他们神话般的希腊之夜。金钱和大量的笑声良好的价值!享受你的时间在岛上,因为我相信你会的,谢谢你XX

  18. 可爱的阅读有关莫拉伊蒂卡在80年代中期走访了许多次爱黑皮特的酒吧和BP塔韦尔纳和玫瑰园是我最喜欢吃的地方之一。然后留在圣Stefanos的在现在的西北方。美丽岛很多年前偷了我的心脏。

    • 感谢您的光临,成龙!在BP车库一直是加油站多年和syrtaki舞蹈结束之后。而这个夏天(我刚从莫拉伊蒂卡回来了!)汽油水泵和标志已被拆除。有没有什么它被转化成标志或指示,我真的很希望能找到它会再次成为一个餐厅,当我回去明年夏天。手指交叉,他们将再次做了臭名昭著的希腊舞蹈之夜!因此,许多人似乎错过它。我知道我做的

  19. Hi my husband and i are going to moritika for 2 weeks in june 2017 staying in smartline nassos. Its our first time visiting we normally go to rhoda but decided to change we love the people in greece wouldnt go anywhere else now . So glad i seen your article feel better about making the change now.

    • 感谢您可爱的评论,马戈!我爱莫拉伊蒂卡我所有的生活,所以我可能是局部的,但我知道你有一个伟大的时间!请一定要品尝我强调的餐馆 - 我不能在浪漫推荐的希腊之夜高度不够,如果你爱一个很好笑!享受您的假期,因为我相信你会的!

  20. 谢谢for posting all the above information, my friend and i are spending 11 nights in Moraitika in June, we spent a large part of the 1980’s in Dassia, Ipsos and Pyrgi, and fell in love with Corfu, It’s my friends 50th this year so to celebrate we are heading back to our favourite place in the world minus husbands and children. We decided on Moraitika as it’s one place on the island that we had never visited, and also because we both realize that our usual haunts will have changed quite a lot in 27 years, it looks fabulous and we can’t wait x

    • 感谢您的光临,西蒙娜!享受莫拉伊蒂卡因为我相信你会XX

  21. 在五月再次返回到Messonghi的海滩,不能等待。经住并于2000年和2003年曾在科孚岛一个代表我回来了多次拜访朋友。betway必威官网登陆官方网我有宾至如归的感觉等在科孚岛机场停机坪分钟我一步,并有小岛的那么多美好的回忆。betway必威官网登陆官方网我从来没有在这里无聊,总觉得在和平和各国人民对科孚都很友好。betway必威官网登陆官方网感谢这里的建议,我所知道的一些人已经是目标,但很快发现了一些其他的

    • 谢谢for your comment, Craig. I’d been working in a family business of room rentals throughout the 80s in Moraitika. We were with Medina Holidays and Thompson, and maybe you brought me customers at the time haha. Enjoy your stay and I hope my recommendations in Moraitika become your new favourites! Make sure to say hi from me – they’re all fantastic people as I’m sure you know

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  23. 我觉得我有所有的信息,我需要有在科孚岛一个神话般的假期!betway必威官网登陆官方网多么美丽的地方,这样一个了不起的旅游指南。

    • 高兴听到它,莫莉,谢谢!有一个美妙的假期。我希望你抓住了低潮的免费副本!这是完美的读取,而你在岛上X

  24. 优秀导游我希望我能去!感谢低潮的免费副本将下载。

    • 谢谢, Marjorie. I wish it for you, to go to Corfu one day. I hope you’ll enjoy The Ebb

  25. 到达下个月我们在科孚岛,3日在莫拉伊蒂卡第七次。betway必威官网登陆官方网我有很多你已经使用,但在所有您的两个建议都吃饭一样的照片。在老村这次在Avros天堂公寓酒店是熬夜。莫拉伊蒂卡应该是你的梦幻般的面积博客的骄傲。

    • 嗨詹姆斯,感谢您的光临和溢美之词最佳选择熬夜山上!有,因为我相信你会的一个美好的时光!

  26. Loved reading all your lovely memories of Messonghi & Moriatika First went to Messonghi in 1985, loved it! Stayed in beautiful studios on the beach but just can’t remember the name? (maybe you would know?) Opposite Messonghi beach hotel, where the big mountain with the satellite was. But I do remember the 2 sons Dimitri & Spiros & their cousin Filimo, we had a great time there. Went back to Corfu in 1989 for my honeymoon to Moriatika & heading back to Messonghi this year to Loulass Village. Can’t wait to get back to the place I fell in Love with & the start of my romance with Greece, I think I’ve visited almost every island now. Thanks for sharing your memories

    • 感谢您的光临,伊能静,以及在科孚岛朝崇拜分享你的路!betway必威官网登陆官方网我不能告诉你在那里呆的第一次。我承认,除了我的表亲Messonghi的(Tsatsanis是他们最后的名字)我几乎不知道还有别人。祝您下次访问到你自己的Corfiot天堂!XXX

  27. 我期待着我到科孚岛和莫拉伊蒂卡第一次23天的时间里,入住该酒店Delphinia!betway必威官网登陆官方网您的博客将是一个大规模宝贵的资源(我打印此页)这样我就可以像我可以挤(旅行和食物!)。我只是爱希腊人民,文化(和我提到的食物?)我试着每年不过看上去访问不同的希腊小岛就像我中奖了这段时间。我只希望酒店不惩罚我作为一个坏的房间独自旅行 - 去年这是一个糟糕的开局,但不是世界的尽头在罗得岛发生。感谢所有的信息。Στηνυγειάσας

    • 谢谢您的意见克莱夫,很高兴见到你。Delfinia是一个很好的选择!我的导游是一项正在进行的工作。我刚从莫拉伊蒂卡回来,并很快将它添加更多的建议。我可以从现在告诉你,Mavroudis橄榄油厂Vraganiotika是必须的。他们也有在莫拉伊蒂卡环岛店在哪里可以买到风味橄榄油这就是这个世界的出健康美味。如果你在Facebook上,朋友在我的个人网页和向下滚动查看照片和细节。有乐趣在科孚岛,我的朋友betway必威官网登陆官方网,欢迎莫拉伊蒂卡和Messonghi的爱好者的俱乐部!

      • 我是一个橄榄油afficionado所以Mavroudis本厂将以列表肯定上。我的朋友请你FB,并会送你一些照片

        • I confirmed the request, and look forward to your photos, thank you!

  28. this is just great – we have been going to Messonghi each summer for the past 10 years, we use all the places that your website has been mentioning, lovely to read – thank you, we agree, it is a proper special place!

    • Wow, ten years! It’s practically home for you Pleased to meet you, Brett, and thank you for checking out my guide. Great to hear you enjoyed it

  29. 我要感谢你的优秀指南莫拉伊蒂卡。我和我的妻子刚刚从一个星期休息,以莫拉伊蒂卡回来,发现你的指导是非常丰富和实用。我们订了跟你表妹Spyridoula到的Paxos和Antipaxos这是极好的乘船游览。我们尝试了75步餐厅是可爱的,意见是惊人的。可悲的是Bella Vista酒店被关闭,但享受的火山酒廊酒吧和在美人鱼在Messonghi的有一个可爱的饭。
    我们沿着老城和旧的Church and the New one built the year my wife was born. We met your lovely neighbours Linda and Chris from the Lemon Tree who were very freindly, welcoming and entertaining giving us a guided tour of their lovely home. we walked up to Episkoplana for the fantastic views of Moraitika and beyond. We wish we could have stayed longer as there is still so much to see and do but we will definitely be returning in the future.
    PS Spyridoula想知道,如果你做一个版本,本指南中的希腊,做当你把那她照片在旅游中心。

    Andy and Sarah Booth

    • Wow, what a lovely message. Thank you so much, Andy and Sarah! So wonderful to know my guide helped make your stay more fun Spyridoula is a sweetie! I took the photos the summer I created my guide (2014-2015?) right after speaking to her one fine morning, LOL. Again, thank you!

  30. Can you post your thoughts on Zorbas or Lava grill is Charlie’s bar open Do you know ? Is golden beach a good place to visit? Many thanks

    • 感谢您的光临,迈克尔。该指南是一个进展中的工作,我给它添加新的业务,因为我尝试他们自己,所以我可以确认其质量的所有时光。我没有去过左巴的或熔岩烧烤至今,对不起,和我住在雅典我没有对查理的酒吧消息。你会做得很好张贴到Facebook的群体“莫拉伊蒂卡村”和“莫拉伊蒂卡和Messonghi的”任何相关问题。我听说过的金沙滩许多美好的事物,它的猫王献礼演出是准确的。它已经推荐给我很多次,我打算今年夏天观看。他们说,这是伟大的家庭乐趣。享受科孚岛,betway必威官网登陆官方网再次谢谢大家!


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